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Well, the LEO IDOL Grand Finals saw the best ever performance by all 5 finalists - Gini, Chris, Andrew, Sophia & Jeremy!!!!

All of them went all out during the final countdown of this year's most highlighted event ever ..(note - >14000 hits no kidding!) . Fans, family members and supporters came from as far as Penang to support the finalists!!!! Leo members, classmates and friends made banners, flags and boards to support their favourite Leo Idol!!!

Loads of guest performances too!!! Let's take a step back.. and rewind the entire 2-hour long spectacular showcase of talents & the crowning of the 3rd season LEO IDOL!!!!! Here we go!!!!!!

DiGi CelebriTeen Zenny Lyn (Audition & Regional Finals Judge) sang Agnes Monica's Tiada Logika & 14 year old Asyraf (DiGi CelebriTeen 2007 2nd Runner-Up), performed Saat!


Leo Christopher Saw from Leo Club of Taman Sea & Leo Sophia Lee
from Leo Club of St. Bernadette's Convent, Batu Gajah, Perak!

Leo Jeremy Goh from Leo Club of Anderson Ipoh

Leo Teoh Gini from the Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls' High School

Leo Andrew Ng from the Leo Club of SMK USJ 8

Judges - Mr Gary Ng (Producer), Singer Arja &
Singer Song-Writer Aesar Mustafa. Gary's artists include
Danny Won, Eric Lim, Dave PeiJie and many more!

Here are snippets of video taken during the finals.
We apologize for the poor quality.

Five finalists - from left: Andrew, Jeremy, Sophia, Gini & Chris...
with Celebrity Host from 8TV, also a Lions Club member....
Baki Zainal... before the announcement of the results for ROUND 1...!

And then... we have it...
made it to Round 2 where they were required to sing
"I Pledge"
the theme song for LEO IDOL 2009!!!!

Andrew took the challenge first by presenting his rendition of "I Pledge" with
his mesmerizing R&B-ish voice and talents...
thereafter Jeremy took the stage where he presented "I Pledge" with
his "Rock-ballad"-ish style...!

Before the announcement of the results,
Aesar Mustafa from Gangstarz,
one of the judges for the Leo Idol Finals (also judge for all Regional Finals)
presented 2 numbers..

Then, it was time for a little charity...Baki called upon the Fundraising Director
Lion Shirley Koh of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF)... and also
Teen Ambassador of NKF Azizi Zakaria, and both of them gave everyone
a short briefing on how/why we should take care of our kidneys..
and also a little on the objectives of the NKF...

Leo Wai Te, from the Leo Club of La Salle Klang, headed a 13-club-jointly organized event - Leo Idol Region 4 Finals (Where the talents of Christoper Saw & Andrew Ng were discovered!!!)
From ticket sales, they managed to raise RM 590.00 for the NKF!

Also presenting a cheque to the NKF were 5 presidents from the Leo Clubs of
St. Michael's Institution Ipoh, Anderson Ipoh, Sam Tet Ipoh, Idris Shah Gopeng, St. Bernadette's Convent Batu Gajah.
All 5 LEO Clubs from Region 3 (Perak) managed to sell NKF merchandize
and raised RM 1400.00!!!

Thereafter, Azizi performed his "Kamu Semua" with BBoys from Street Nation.
Currently, Street Nation is offering special discounts for new students @ their studio in Bandar Sunway! Find out more info on their official website ya -
Thereafter, the DiGi CelebriTeens aCap, Ben & Zenny joined Azizi for another 2 songs!

Dina From Malaysian Idol also guest performed two songs! She performed 2 numbers -
If I Ain't Got You & Please don't stop the Music where the Leo Idol Finalists
joined her on stage for some fun time dancing along with Dina!!!!

1st Runner-Up - Andrew Ng
2nd Runner-Up - Teoh Gini
All finalists received Trophies sponsored by Liberty Productions,
Gift certificates & goodies worth >RM1200.00 from Celebrity Fitness,
Other prizes & cash prize wroth >RM500.00 from DiGi, Event Plus (M) Sdn Bhd
& Orange Potato (M) Sdn. Bhd.

All vocal training & studio hours sponsored by
Giant-Ants (M) Sdn. Bhd.
"I Pledge" is copyrights of Giant-Ants (M) Sdn Bhd
with lyrics of Chorus reflecting the "LEO Pledge".
All music composed by Ah Tu and arranged & produced
by Rafikoncept Productions
(Producer of Azizi's Kamu Semua)

We would also like to extend our many thanks to other sponsors:
Anything! Whatever!, Century Music, Soulful Symphony,
Screaming Bees Sound & Lights (KL) & last but not least Sg Wang Plaza!

Note: LEO IDOL 2009 is an initiative of all RCC & DC of Leo Clubs in District 308B2
& entirely self-funded without the expense of the District 308B2 Lions Club funds.
All proceeds collected go to the National Kidney Foundation

Leo Jeremy Goh receiving his Champion trophy from
Vice District Governor Ln. Choong Kwei Loi. Together
on stage to celebrate this success was Ms Helena from main sponsors,
DiGi Telecommunications (Far left)..
District Chairperson for Leo Clubs Ln May Cheah (2nd from right) &
Multiple District 308 Leo Chairperson, Ln Dato' Khoo Kay Huat

Finalists with VIPs...!

A finale encore presentation by Leo Idol 2009 Champion,
Leo Jeremy Goh with other finalists...!

Region 3 Leos with Jeremy & Sophia!

Region 4 Leos with Andrew & Chris

Region 1 Leos & supporters with Leo Teoh Gini

Leo Idols with Azizi, Baki Zainal & the DiGi CelebriTeens

- From the Editor's Desk -

Inevitably, it has been a tiring, but exciting journey for the 5 finalists - Jeremy, Andrew, Gini, Chris & Sophia! However, I'm very sure that they have enjoyed every single minute of it! The sleepless nights, the exhausting training, the 3-4am "I still wanna chat, dont sleep yet wei!!!" moments @ camp..., the stage presence grooming lessons, the image styling classes etc etc!!!!

Jeremy - Congrats on your achievement! You did well. Andrew, Chris, Sophia & Gini.. the most important moments I recall at the Grand Finals last weekend wasn't the presentation of the Champion trophy to Jeremy! It was the moments where you all held each other's hands @ the backstage & on stage where you hugged, cried, smiled and laughed!

I strongly believe your experience is never going to be about the loosing bit.. it'll undeniably be the journey and the friendship that blossomed throughout the times you spent at the studio, hotel, trainings etc etc! Also, I remembered a Champion of a reality TV series who said, "The joy of a competition is never about the winning, it's the trying bit that matters most!"

I also know many artists in the local music industry who excelled in their field of choice even though they didn't win the competition that they took part in!!!! I guess, it's the "trying" spirit.. and "never-ever-let-the-spirit-die" bits that brought them there!

Like I mentioned to you before the announcement of Round 1... DO NOT STOP TRYING.. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR HOPES & DREAMS, if this line is your chosen one that is...a year from now... 5 years from now.. 10 years from now.. you will find the way and you will achieve greater heights no matter come what may!

To all the supporters
- Those who turned up... thank you for all the support! YOu know who you are, hence I'm not going to blabber on who's who!

- To all those who felt hurt from comments from myself and other judges througout the LEO Idol 2009 competition... pls don't take it to heart. We have just let you felt a little bit of what the industry is like...Seriously.. just a little tiny weeniieee bit! :) If you can't take our opinions - whether truthful or direct; pun intended or not; direct, rude or insulting to any extend... then, this line might not be the line that you should choose. Take up our challenge.. and perhaps, if LEO IDOL 2010 takes place, come proof us wrong! :).. otherwise, consider acting or something else! :P Hahaha!

- Bloggers & 'hate-mailers' (hahaha)... Thanks for your feedback & comments that made this site one of the most highly visited one amongst all other Leo programs that were organized in the last 5 years!!! Chill lah! it's over now... No one can stop you folks from stating out your comments and thoughts about who should win bla bla bla! Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions as this is a free world! Let's respect the judges' decisions and comon' ... it's just a frigging competition! :) Chill laaaa!

We've made plans to professionally produce an MTV and soundtrack of "I Pledge" with all 5 finalists in it (it time permits)... hopefully, that would raise some funds for charity!

Leos.. ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!!!!

Kind'a tired, not too sure if we will re-run the program next year... but, who knows!!! We might just pump in some new elements to make it more spicy? Hahaha. until then.. C y'all @ the Leo Forum in Penang! Drinks on me (if you dont spit or shrugged at Alan Thoo that is! :P)

Cheerios aye!
- Ah Tu -

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More videos!!!

Here's what our finalists have to say....! THE MOMENT OF TRUTH......!!!!

Check this out.. Azizi Zakaria, singer of current hit song, Kamu Semua, share some moments of the life as an entertainer with the Leo Idols...

Azizi is currently the Teen Ambassador of the National Kidney Foundation and will soon launch a nationwide tour to create awareness of the importance of keeping our kidneys healthy as well as raising funds for the NKF too!!! More news coming up soon! In addition to that, Azizi is also a Celebrity LEO member from the newly formed LEO CLUB OF IPOH METRO (O) Azizi & other artistes like Dina, Aesar Mustafa, the DiGi CelebriTeens and many more....! Will be performing @ the Grand Finals of LEO IDOL 2009 @ Sg Wang Main Concourse 11 April 2009 4.00pm

HAVE YOU VOTED?!!!!!! If not... VOTE NOW!!!
Your Decision Matters!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009





From Region 1 : Leo Teoh Gini (PCGHS)


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Leo Idol Finalists practising
Brand new Theme song of Leo Idol 2009!!!!
Out of the 5 finalists, only 2 will make it to Round 2...
This is where they will sing the theme song.. and ONE..
will walk away as the next..

Leo Idol 2009: More trainings done for Finalists of Leo Idol 2009!!!!

More training for our finalists....Remember.. it's Sg Wang 11th April.. 4.00pm! SEE YOU THERE!!!!

LEO IDOL 2009: First practice...

Andrew & Chris ~ First practice with Ln Alan Thoo...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Join us @ the GRAND FINALS of Leo Idol 2009!!!!

Hey folks.It's confirmed. Here are the details:

Date : 11th April 2009
Time : 4.00pm
Venue : Sg Wang Concourse

Come join all the artiste line up & our 6 Leo Idol Finalists ya!!!!


- Ah Tu -